A housefly’s corpse!

Under the unruffled sheet of the sky,
I was pondering over
The aesthetic worth of a housefly’s corpse!

It was stuck in a cobweb;
I thought it was alive.
I nudged it gently,
And it fell on the floor.

Its eyes, legs and wings were missing.
I found it wrapped in some fine white silken threads;
As if it has been mummified!

All of a sudden, waves of shiver raced down my spines!

It’s a cold-blooded murder!
A man was going somewhere,
Maybe to fetch a candy for his kid,
Or to a druggist for his dad,
When he was abducted.

He was then killed mercilessly,
And his body mutilated!
Wrapping it up in a white bed sheet,
The killer carried it to a mountaintop, and
Threw it into the dark deep valley.

No case was filed. The body rotted and decomposed.
Nobody learnt anything about the killing.

The unscrupulous, reposeful murderer rearranges the trap,
Sits himself comfortably, and waits for another passerby!

But what happened to the kid or the daddy?

Kid? Daddy?
But, we were pondering if a housefly’s corpse got any aesthetic value, right?
So, What do you say?


Inspired by The Daily Post’s one-word prompt, Aesthetic
Photo source – Pixabay.com


10 thoughts on “A housefly’s corpse!

  1. Yes. I have found myself studying insect corpses more times than I like to admit. But I am a philosopher and studying such things and the feelings they evoke is what I do. Thank you for this poem. For me the study of nature and death are as important as the study of science and God. All things are connected, how well you connect the fly to a man who disappeared. All of us will someday leave behind a corpse. If you set aside the imagined pain or sadness associated with death, you will see it, the beauty of a corpse. For the corpse once held life and like all living things was a creation of that holy spirit which gave us all life. Look well at the corpse and you will see even in the form of a fly, God’s awesome hand.

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    1. I’m so glad that you found this piece interesting! Your appreciation is so valuable! Thank you so much! 🙂
      Most of all, I’m glad to make acquaintance with a philosopher here! 🙂
      Indeed, everything is connected, and connected in some unfathomable, divine way! Thanks again for visiting my blog and liking this post and adorning it with your valuable comment! 🙂

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      1. Thank you for taking the time to write a poem for a fly corpse. It shows daring and imagination to question the value of such. The poem is well written, saying neither too much nor too little to inspire others to think.

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      2. Your appreciation is highly appreciated! 🙂 Overwhelmed!!!


  2. I don’t like to look too closely at such dead bodies, but your poem actually made me laugh and showed me a new angle on it 🙂

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    1. I’d love to know what actually made you laugh and what’s the new angle you discovered!


      1. Just the fact that you wondered why there was no investigation in to the “murder” made me laugh because it’s not something I’d immediately think of when I see a dead fly. So I guess the new angle is the humour in it if that makes sense.

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      2. Very interesting!
        I wonder how innumerable could be the ways a poem can be approached, understood and interpreted! The way you look at it is certainly humorous. Trust me, I wasn’t meaning to add even the slightest tinge of humour here! I was perhaps trying to read the mind of an observer, who is perhaps oversensitive, anxious, apprehensive and so on. But, now I can sense the humour here! Thanks a lot for expressing your views! 🙂

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  3. I was pleasantly surprised by the switch of focus for the corpse of a fly and then to the murder of a man. I found myself corpse of a fly who cares but then you twist it to mean the death of a man it became important.
    Then, thanks to the way my mind works I remembered a scene in the movie, The Dark Knight Rises, you know the one where the Joker says something like “no one panics when things go according to plan..” I believe in that scene he was stated something about how soldiers are dying by the thousands somewhere overseas and no one even bats an eye (cause it’s expected all according to the plan); but then mention a bomb in a hospital and everyone goes crazy about it (cause that’s an unplanned thing).

    Your poem made me think about how insignificant something can mean or be but change the colored-tint on the lens one is looking through; makes a HUGE difference. Anyways, that’s where my mind went with this poem.

    Thank you for writing it.

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    1. I too found it quite striking when my mind discovered this unexpected link after i had typed the first few lines about the poor housefly. I was amazed by the thought how differently the small alien world of insects operate around us! No case is filed when a coldblooded murder takes place there! By the way, I feel so delighted to find out that you enjoyed it! thanks a million for your appreciation!! 🙂

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