Gently, with a smile, I hold out my hands,
My little angel flies up to me, and says,
“Lopilop, Puppa, lopilop!”
Lopilop is how she calls a lollipop.

Behind the glossy wrapper,
The rounded boiled sweet, hanging to a stick
Is her delicious little world of joy.

Darling, you’re not aware,
There’s another world out there,
Much much bigger than the one on your tongue.
Oh sweetie, you deserve so much more!

But this bigger world is a bit pricey,
A li’l beyond the grasp of the itsy-bitsy bits of paper
I bring on the fourth of every month.

“Thanku Puppa fo-the Lopilop!”
She grins and clings to me.
The lollipop has made me a hero for her.
But, I fear, with the exposure of the truth
When she grows up,
She would find the hollowness of this heroism.

There must be some way
To expand the ambit of our universe!

I buy her a lollipop a day, and myself some time!


Inspired by The Daily Post’s one-word prompt, Exposure
Photo source: Pixabay.com

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7 thoughts on “Lopilop

  1. you’ll always be her hero…but you may have to pay for her dental bills 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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