Are you happy, daddy?

‘What’s being successful, daddy?’

‘Well, if you’re admired and loved by lots of people, and got plenty of money, angel, you’re successful.’

‘Has it got anything to do with happiness, daddy?’

‘Hmm. Look, if you don’t have to worry about your financial needs, and if you find lots of love from people around you, won’t you be happy? Of course, success brings happiness, dear.’

Daddy, suppose, if I spent all my life with immense happiness wandering in woods, along streams, and rivers and seas, and climbing up mountains and hills, and didn’t hurt anybody, not even an ant, would you call me successful?’

‘Hmm, I don’t know, dear,  but I used to think like you when I was your age.’

‘Are you happy, daddy?’

‘Of course, I am, my love.’

‘Without mom?’


Inspired by The Daily Post’s one-word prompt, Successful
Photograph by Unsplash, courtesy of



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