The Scent of a Sunday

Much time has elapsed since then,
Many have come and gone since then,
But hasn’t faded at all the scent of the Sunday
You didn’t come back!

That scent never melted in the air,
But turned into something solid, like camphor, the source of a strong irresistible smell.
Like camphor? Really? But it’s not aromatic nor does it vaporize.

Somebody has actually immortalized that scent.

In the world of my mind, it’s all-pervading,
Occupying even its unexplored depths and heights!

I try often to resist the odor of that day waft through the moments of this day,
But I always fail.

Your absence has changed everything!


Inspired by The Daily Post’s one word prompt, Resist, Scent
Photograph by Pexels, courtesy of

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4 thoughts on “The Scent of a Sunday

  1. I knew smell is the sense most closely linked to memory but I didn’t realize just how strong it it connected. My mother passed away and a couple of years later I passed a lady in a store wearing the same perfume my mother used and I actually turned, thinking it was Mama.

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    1. I feel extremely sorry for your loss! While writing these lines, I had my brother in my mind who had passed away quite young, at 22 a few years ago. It was a Sunday! I feel overwhelmed for you’re able to connect with this post! No words to thank you! I feel so happy that you’ve chosen to follow my little blog. Thanks a million for this! 🙂

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      1. I’m so sorry about your brother. All of my siblings, except my sister, are gone now. And, of course, both of my parents. Your writing really touched me!

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      2. I’m sorry for your irreparable losses.
        Thank you so much for your kind words. They mean a lot! Hope you’ll continue to enjoy reading my posts in the future! 🙂

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