My Brother

I kept telling her that everything was fine, and
he’s getting along well.
She believed me, perhaps, but I didn’t.

One day, the weather wasn’t good.
Wind and rain visited together our town and the woods nearby.
We heard them run and screech and howl,
all through the night.

In the morning, the lake, which is the splendour of our town, looked wretched
as many of her companion trees encircling her had fallen down.

A little later he told us that
he’s not able to harmonize his dreams and feelings
with our interpretation of the world.

He quit once again.


Inspired by The Daily Post’s one-word prompt, Harmonize
Photograph by JamesDeMers, courtesy by


Lopilop, Puppa, lopilop!

Today’s one-word prompt Lollipop has tempted me to re-post one of my previous posts on the same subject. The first four lines of that post read as follows –

Gently, with a smile, I hold out my hands,
My little angel flies up to me, and says,
“Lopilop, Puppa, lopilop!”
Lopilop is how she calls a lollipop.

Kindly click here, Lopilop, to read the full poem. Thank you so much for your visit! 🙂

Inspired by The Daily Post’s one-word prompt, Lollipop

The Disastrous Dream

No, the road can’t end here!

I had chosen it after much contemplation.

I had strong reasons to believe this would lead me there.


So, I couldn’t make it, right?

Shall I blame the disastrous dream that lured me to this path, which after running  miles and miles ends here in this pit, so unceremoniously?

Inspired by The Daily Post’s one word prompt, Disastrous

Flowers and iron chain

There was a big garden in our house too,
Full of flowers –
Lily, dahlia, chrysanthemum and rose.

The garden is still big, but
It doesn’t delight any more.
The ground is covered with grey, brown leaves and
The remnant plants stand dropping and flowerless.

Flowers do not matter anymore though.
For life looks at me with cold, stony eyes.
It’s tricked me into some sort of treacherous circle.
Round and round it makes me run,
And I run out of vigour and time and joy and smile;
Then there is this weight of iron chain round the neck.

It’s hot and dark.
I squirm in agony, in the smell of my smouldering flesh.

No longer does the perfume of flowers cheer me up.
Thanks for the flowers, anyway.


Inspired by The Daily Post’s one-word prompt, Perfume
Photograph by Kerttu, courtesy by


Swarming with worms
His head’s no more his
But belongs to them,
Those wriggling ravenous beings
Who are eating up the stuff
That’d been a source of his strength.

[Inspired by The Daily Post’s one-word prompt, Swarm]

Ungrateful son

As I see him groan with pain,
I think I must do something,
And immediately I begin doing something.

Soon he subdues his groans seeing me grow restless,
And I too pretend I’m no more over-worried.
But the filthiest thing is
I deliberately choose to believe he’s now at ease.
So, after a little while I stop doing something!

Seriously, I’m not really serious about him,
For deep within I always know his pain only grows;
And yet I…

Inspired by The Daily Post’s one-word prompt, Seriousness

Heavy with Guilt!

Shuddering and panting,

scampering along the farthest wall,

with palms pressing even harder against the sore ears,

I was trying to prevent those bitter words of reproach seep in

and wreak havoc within;

not realizing those scathing voices came never from them who I knew or met,

but from within itself!


Inspired by The Daily Post’s one-word prompt, Criticize
Photograph by geralt, courtesy by