A Beautiful Breeze!

With swollen eyes,
When I stood gazing at the grey sky wondering if the sun would look the same today,
A sudden flutter of the leaves intimated the arrival of the breeze.

Soft, sweet and musky,
She gently touched my eyelids, and then the tip of my hair!
Soon, she began to ruffle it affectionately,
And run her silky fingers over my face.

I realised she wasn’t just caressing me, but dabbing some invisible balm on me.
It was both warm and cool, dry and moist!

I recalled I had vaguely overheard the breeze whisper to somebody in the wee hours;
Perhaps, to the first rays of the day.

She had mixed the dew she had borne from the distant fields
With the warmth and the golden tinge of the new light
To make me an occult, ethereal salve.

I shuddered at its pleasant sensation.
My eyes, once again, were watery,
Not with grief, but some unknown joy, simple and blissful.
I could feel a soft radiant glow shining from every pore of my skin!

And to my amazement,
The sun was never so magnificent!


Inspired by The Daily Post’s one-word prompt, Simple
Photograph by Waldo93, courtesy of Pixabay.com

Are you happy, daddy?

‘What’s being successful, daddy?’

‘Well, if you’re admired and loved by lots of people, and got plenty of money, angel, you’re successful.’

‘Has it got anything to do with happiness, daddy?’

‘Hmm. Look, if you don’t have to worry about your financial needs, and if you find lots of love from people around you, won’t you be happy? Of course, success brings happiness, dear.’

Daddy, suppose, if I spent all my life with immense happiness wandering in woods, along streams, and rivers and seas, and climbing up mountains and hills, and didn’t hurt anybody, not even an ant, would you call me successful?’

‘Hmm, I don’t know, dear,  but I used to think like you when I was your age.’

‘Are you happy, daddy?’

‘Of course, I am, my love.’

‘Without mom?’


Inspired by The Daily Post’s one-word prompt, Successful
Photograph by Unsplash, courtesy of Pixabay.com

Speak to Me

I thought I needed privacy,
And I ended up isolating myself.

The walls of my room have long closed their ears to me.
Even my reflection in the mirror hasn’t given me a smile of intimacy
For ages and ages, it seems!

I’ve begun to feel as if the whole planet now belongs to me,
And the entire human race has shifted to some other world, abandoning me to my privacy.


Inspired by The Daily Post’s one-word prompt, Privacy
Photo source: Pixabay.com


Gently, with a smile, I hold out my hands,
My little angel flies up to me, and says,
“Lopilop, Puppa, lopilop!”
Lopilop is how she calls a lollipop.

Behind the glossy wrapper,
The rounded boiled sweet, hanging to a stick
Is her delicious little world of joy.

Darling, you’re not aware,
There’s another world out there,
Much much bigger than the one on your tongue.
Oh sweetie, you deserve so much more!

But this bigger world is a bit pricey,
A li’l beyond the grasp of the itsy-bitsy bits of paper
I bring on the fourth of every month.

“Thanku Puppa fo-the Lopilop!”
She grins and clings to me.
The lollipop has made me a hero for her.
But, I fear, with the exposure of the truth
When she grows up,
She would find the hollowness of this heroism.

There must be some way
To expand the ambit of our universe!

I buy her a lollipop a day, and myself some time!


Inspired by The Daily Post’s one-word prompt, Exposure
Photo source: Pixabay.com

A housefly’s corpse!

Under the unruffled sheet of the sky,
I was pondering over
The aesthetic worth of a housefly’s corpse!

It was stuck in a cobweb;
I thought it was alive.
I nudged it gently,
And it fell on the floor.

Its eyes, legs and wings were missing.
I found it wrapped in some fine white silken threads;
As if it has been mummified!

All of a sudden, waves of shiver raced down my spines!

It’s a cold-blooded murder!
A man was going somewhere,
Maybe to fetch a candy for his kid,
Or to a druggist for his dad,
When he was abducted.

He was then killed mercilessly,
And his body mutilated!
Wrapping it up in a white bed sheet,
The killer carried it to a mountaintop, and
Threw it into the dark deep valley.

No case was filed. The body rotted and decomposed.
Nobody learnt anything about the killing.

The unscrupulous, reposeful murderer rearranges the trap,
Sits himself comfortably, and waits for another passerby!

But what happened to the kid or the daddy?

Kid? Daddy?
But, we were pondering if a housefly’s corpse got any aesthetic value, right?
So, What do you say?


Inspired by The Daily Post’s one-word prompt, Aesthetic
Photo source – Pixabay.com

Marathon of Patience

He’s been running for long!

Then he was young,
He would run for miles and never pant!

He still runs,
Hefting his heavy head on his hanging shoulders,
But, these days, he halts every few metres.

His one son had died young.
Struck and shaken, he had stopped running.
They thought he was giving up the marathon.
But he had stopped only for a while.

A man of deep faith he is, they say.
Son’s bereavement had caused a little fracture in the wall.
He had halted to fix that up.
And shortly after, he resumed the race!

He’s got three more sons,
Tall, handsome, jobless, strong.
His wife looks after all four of them.

You look at the old man, and you pity him.
The vacant eyes,
The sagging cheeks,
The shrivelled body, and
The waddling gait.

But his eyes,
They’re always fixed on the sky.

They say he deserved much more.
He too thinks so, perhaps.
Otherwise, why’d he still linger on the track?

When you see him run,
You pity him all the more!
Throbbing, opened-mouth,
Earning each breath with much toil and strain;

His lungs are about to burst,
You’d feel;
And pray, oh Life, now declare him a winner,
And bring an end to his marathon.


– Inspired by The Daily Post’s one-word prompt, Marathon 

– Photo source: Pixabay.com

Unseen shades of darkness

You couldn’t discern the unseen shades of darkness in the broad daylight;
You would have, however, had you been awake at night!
For at night, they glitter, they flicker
In some ethereal light!

adult-1869001_1280Inspired by The Daily Post’s one-word prompt Unseen
(Photograph courtesy of Pixabay.com)